A fully independent sync agency based in Montreal who aims to support artists in their creative endeavours

Our mandate is first and foremost to serve the projects we undertake by tailoring our approach to the creatives we represent in a non-exclusive way.

We collaborate with brands, agencies, Filmmakers and creatives around the world to help fulfill their vision, to help find the right musical piece for the right image.

Founded in 2019 by Marie-Laurence Asselin, Fair Enough aims to renew itself by constantly being on the look-out for new creators and being  supportive of active development. Following years of experience in various Publishing companies as well as 3 years in a management company, Marie-Laurence puts her experience to work and aims to play a leading role in the cultural field that is sync & licensing. 

Since its beginnings, Fair Enough has been present at various key events around the world including MaMa Fest, Canadian Music Week, SXSW, M pour Montréal, Pop Montréal, Sync Summit to name a few.

We are a sync agency that upholds creative musical works by artists from all around the world on all audiovisual platforms. We work with existing catalogues as much as we create opportunities for tailored compositions. All to uplift images with like minded music in order to create unforgettable moments.

Our mission

To make sync more accessible while licensing quickly and effectively. With the wide array of music in our catalogue and our versatile composers we aim to always provide relevant musical pieces to all the projects we are involved in, making all parties’ experience pleasing.

Our vision

To Democratise synchronisation as well as licensing towards all.