For a couple of years, my job involved driving to prison and spending countless hours with offenders and their victim (or family members when the victim was dead). I had access to unreal stories. I realized that murders are rarely random. “Love” is almost always part of the equation. 

Even though it was part of my routine, I never really got used to hearing people talk about why they killed someone. It would keep me up at night.

My way to cope with all this was to write and record music in my home studio in Montréal, Qc. I had the chance to mix the songs with Grammy award winning engineer Mark Lawson (Arcade Fire, Beirut, Timber Timbre, Owen Pallett).

This music is inspired by the most vicious side of human nature, but it is not sad music, as our capacity for resilience and forgiveness also serves as inspiration. The result is melancholic and catchy.

This experience had a huge impact on me, but this is just the first chapter for Delachute.